USDA Loans

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A USDA loan is a government-backed mortgage loan for people who live in all rural and many suburban areas in the United States, including Denver. The flexible terms of the USDA loan have made it popular around the United States. With a USDA loan from Golden Oak Lending, you can enjoy homeownership with low rates, 100% financing, and no down payment.

USDA Loans in Denver, CO

This loan is backed by the United States Department of Agriculture, and you can enjoy its low-cost benefits. Even if you live in the suburbs, you’ll be able to take advantage of the features and Golden Oak Lending’s rock-bottom rates.

USDA loan features:

  • No Down Payment Necessary. If you don’t have cash or would rather save your cash for other uses, a down payment is not necessary with a USDA loan. With 100% financing of your home available, you can keep your cash on hand.
  • No Income Dependency. This loan is perfect for those who have stable low or moderate incomes. For many people who are self-employed, or who work for an hourly wage, a USDA loan is the right choice.
  • Low Rates and Fees. Your rates and fees will be low and fixed, since this is a loan that’s backed by the U.S. government, instead of a lender or bank. The rates are comparable to a 30-year fixed loan, and the private mortgage insurance is very reasonable. Plus, your credit doesn’t need to be perfect. That’s another plus for those who would like to own a home but don’t want to pay high fees.


Golden Oak Lending Can Help You Qualify for a USDA Loan in Denve

Although you may not consider the area that you live in to be “rural,” there are many areas in the Denver region that are either rural or suburban and would qualify for a USDA loan. Golden Oak Lending can help you find out if a USDA loan is the right mortgage loan for you. We offer the absolute lowest rates, and your personal loan officer will lead you through every step of the mortgage process. Call us today.

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