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Today’s Mortgage Rate: 5.75% FIXED / 6.991% APR

FHA, 15-year, 20% equity with qualified credit

Headshot of James Hawkins

James Hawkins

NMLS # 227791
Headshot of Shawn Curtis

Shawn Curtis

Chief Strategy Officer
NMLS # 321898
Headshot of James Walton

Jason Walton

Exec. VP of Sales
NMLS # 249538
Headshot of Tom Grasso

Tom Grasso

Regional VP
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NMLS # 227852

Tom G's Reviews

Headshot of Neil Wilson

Neil Wilson

Sr VP/Sales Manager
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NMLS # 264288

Neil's Reviews

Headshot of Tom French

Tom French

VP/Sales Manager
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NMLS # 352729

Tom F's Reviews

Headshot of Brett Latta

Brett Latta

VP/Sales Manager
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NMLS #  202487

Brett's Review

Headshot of Kristen Stecklein

Kristen Stecklein

Senior Loan Officer
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NMLS #1033589

Kristen's Reviews

Headshot of Dave Wexler

Dave Wexler

Senior Loan Officer
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NMLS # 1473447

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Headshot of Brian Jones

Brian Jones

Senior Loan Officer
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NMLS # 884560

Brian's Reviews

Headshot of TJ Rasmussen

TJ Rasmussen

Senior Loan Officer
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NMLS # 1198524

TJ's Reviews

Headshot of Wade Roberts

Wade Roberts

Senior Loan Officer
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NMLS # 195958

Wade's Reviews

Headshot of Steve Siebert

Steve Siebert

Senior Loan Officer
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NMLS # 1223996

Steve's Reviews

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