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Today’s Mortgage Rate:

3.75% Fixed | APR 4.791%

FHA, 15-year fixed, 10% equity, qualified credit

A cash-out loan allows Kansas City homeowners to refinance their existing home loan for more than is currently owed, accepting the difference in cash. An increasing number of KC residents are choosing to tap into the equity they have built in their homes using a cash-out loan to pay for a variety of pressing, major expenses.

Advantages of Cash-Out Loans

  • Pay Off Your Debt Kansas City homeowners can pay for large expenses like higher-interest-rate credit cards, auto loans, or college tuition by accessing the equity they have built using a cash-out loan.
  • Achieve Large Goals Homeowners can invest the money they receive from a cash-out loan into paying for home improvements, investing in property, or starting a new business.
  • Low Interest Rates By refinancing with a low interest cash-out loan, Kansas City homeowners may be able to save money on their monthly mortgage payments.

Cash-Out Loans with Golden Oak Lending Kansas City

Our Kansas City office strives to make the mortgage process easy for you to refinance your existing home loan, so you can focus on more important things in life! With incredible low rates, our experienced Kansas City mortgage specialists make sure your new cash-out loan fits your personal financial needs. Contact us today at our Overland Park office to learn how a cash-out loan can make your finances work for you!

Interest rates are at an all-time low, and the time to call is now!

Contact us today and see how our rates can save you money!