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Kansas Conventional Home Loans

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For Kansas City residents that value a fixed rate mortgage with the same payment every month, a conventional home loan is a popular option. Tailor-made for borrowers with steady income and a stable job, qualifying individuals enjoy financial stability and larger savings over the term of their loan. Because of the many financial benefits, a large percentage of Kansas City homeowners choose to purchase their dream home using a conventional home loan.

Home Loans with Golden Oak

Whether you are a first-time or veteran home buyer, Golden Oak Lending Kansas City will find you the loan to suit your specific needs and guide you through your unique home loan process. We constantly monitor mortgage rates, so our Kansas City customers can feel confident that they are getting a competitive mortgage rate. With 16 years of industry experience and first-rate customer service, our personal mortgage specialists help our homeowners save money on their monthly mortgage payments. Call Golden Oak Lending Kansas City today and talk to one of our experienced professionals about a conventional home loan for your home.

At Golden Oak Lending, from the underwriting to the closing, all of our processes are done in-house. An experienced Personal Loan Officer will be your advocate for getting you the assistance you need at the lowest possible rate. Your Personal Loan Officer is your sole point of contact for the entire process, so there is no need to retell your story multiple times to different individuals. You have the benefit of an experienced and qualified professional who will guide you through the process of finding and qualifying for the right loan that meets your specific needs.

Golden Oak Lending Kansas

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Advantages of Conventional Home Loans
  • Fixed, Competitive Rates With current interest rates, Kansas City homeowners that secure their fixed interest rate now can save money on their 10, 15, or even 30-year mortgage.
  • Quicker Loan Process Since this loan is not backed by the government, there are fewer regulatory and paperwork requirements, creating a straightforward and speedy approval process that could be an important factor in securing your new home in the competitive Kansas City real estate market.
  • Popular Way to Refinance For Kansas City homeowners with government-backed loans, refinancing using a conventional home loan locks you into today’s competitive interest rates and can save you money on each monthly mortgage payment.

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"I can cover a down payment and am looking for a fixed rate mortgage loan."

"I currently own a home but would like to refinance my loan to improve my interest rate or adjust my mortgage terms."

"I currently own a home that has equity and would like to get cash out for updating my home or consolidating higher interest debt. (like credit cards)."

"I am interested in putting the minimum payment down on a home."

"I am looking to purchase a home and would like to shop with confidence based upon what I can afford."

"I am currently serving or have served in the U.S. military and wish to purchase a home with flexibility on down payment, mortgage insurance and credit score."

"I have excellent credit and am looking for a home loan option to help acquire a larger, more expensive home."

"I am looking to purchase a home in a rural area."

"I have equity in my current home and would like to use its equity for larger purchases, home renovations or paying down higher interest debt."

"I would like to purchase a new home and would like to learn about my borrowing options."

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