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Today’s Mortgage Rate:

3.75% Fixed | APR 4.791%

FHA, 15-year fixed, 10% equity, qualified credit

For Kansas City residents with big life goals but limited cash, home equity loans let homeowners tap into the equity they have accrued in their homes to fund their financial goals. This increasingly popular loan option has allowed many Kansas City homeowners complete major home improvement projects, consolidate their debt, or finance a college education. With interest rates near all-time lows, there has never been a better time to take advantage of the equity in your Kansas City home.

Advantages of Home Equity Loans

    • Achieve Financial Goals Your lump sum loan can be used to pay for a variety of large, important expenses. Kansas City homeowners have consolidated their debt, bought cars at a reasonable rate, and even renovated their home using the cash generated by their home equity loan.
    • Low Interest Rates Kansas City homeowners can take advantage of today’s historic low interest rates to tap into their home’s equity while still enjoying a low monthly mortgage payment.
    • A Quicker Loan Process Home equity loans are secured debts, so the approval process for Kansas City homeowners is quicker than that of other loan options.

Home Equity Loans with Golden Oak Lending Kansas City

With low interest rates and payment available as a lump sum, Golden Oak Lending Kansas City’s home equity loan process is designed to be easy and stress-free. Our personal loan experts are knowledgeable and experienced and know exactly how to help you take advantage of the existing equity in your home to achieve your financial goals. Call or contact our local Overland Park office to see how we can help you save money with a home equity loan!

Interest rates are at an all-time low, and the time to call is now!

Contact us today and see how our rates can save you money!