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Today’s Mortgage Rate:

3.75% Fixed | APR 4.791%

FHA, 15-year fixed, 10% equity, qualified credit

Whether you want to capitalize on current low interest rates, lengthen the term of your loan, or cash in on your improved credit score, there are many reasons St. Louis homeowners choose to refinance. By refinancing a current home loan, homeowners can reduce their monthly mortgage payments and use their savings for home improvement projects, college tuition, or large purchases

Advantages of Home Refinancing

  • Switch to a Lower Interest Rate With interest rates near all-time lows, refinancing allows St. Louis homeowners with high variable rates to reduce their monthly mortgage payments and quickly build equity in their home.
  • Reduce the Term of Your Loan For homeowners with financial stability, reducing the term of your loan will lead to a lower interest payment in the long-term.
  • Achieve Your Financial Goals St. Louis homeowners can use the cash they saved by refinancing their existing home loans to consolidate their debt, pay for larger expenses, or achieve their other financial goals.

Home Refinancing with Golden Oak Lending St. Louis

Every home mortgage refinance is unique. Our experienced loan officers are here to efficiently navigate you through the home loan refinancing process. With a dedicated loan expert assisting throughout this process, St. Louis homeowners can enjoy a stress-free experience because we are working hard to get you a great low rate and save you money. Call Golden Oak Lending St. Louis today and make your finances work for you.

Interest rates are at an all-time low, and the time to call is now!

Contact us today and see how our rates can save you money!