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    The best way to know a company is to hear what people are saying about them.  We're proud to share what our clients have to say about us.



“I called the other lending companies and got the run around. Golden Oak Lending gave me very specific answers and they treated me as a friend, as if they had a personal interest in my success.  The process was simple and I really felt I made the right choice.  If you’re looking to refinance or buy a home, I would recommend Golden Oak Lending!”
– Melissa from Wentzville, Missouri

“With the government raising your credit card minimum payments from two percent to four percent,  I was fighting my bills every month.  I was making payments, but it was quite hard on me.  I strained my budget a  lot and that’s why I decided to go ahead and consolidate and get them off the books.  It was nice to not have the credit card payments and not have the car payment.  Just not having the other payments made a difference.  It eased my budget crunch a whole lot.  It cost me nothing out of pocket and Golden Oak made it really easy.”
– Keith from Florissant, Missouri

“Just wanted to say one more time, thank you Mike for your hard work and for helping me out like you did, and I will pass out the cards you gave me today and maybe some of my family will use your services, so thank you and I will never forget the hard work you did, so take care and many blessings to you and your family.”
– James from St. Louis, Missouri

“Consider this email as recognition for outstanding service from Mr. Beeson as he helped our crazy busy family with a refinance. From the beginning of the process Mr. Beeson was courteous and professional. He took care of every question, phone call, email or text this skeptic produced.”
– Heidi from Eureka, Missouri

“It was wonderful working with you again, thank you for everything.”
– Linda from O’Fallon, Illinois

“I would like to “brag” on your loan officer, Collette Bremer. Her tenacity helped get us through a logjam in the world of refinancing when other loan officers probably would have given up. We’ve tried to refinance for the past couple of years with zero results despite having a very good credit score and outstanding payment history. We seemed to encounter numerous “interesting” hurdles that kept popping up. However, she was reassuring and VERY helpful in working through these challenges one by one. In other words, she kept after it, and ultimately, her hard work paid off for us with our successful refinance finally closing.”
– Mark from Highland, Illinois

“I’m writing to express my extreme delight and pleasure working with you and your organization during the refi/purchase of a property where I was identified as a beneficiary. I initially attempted the refi with a different organization. After approximately 6 months of going back and forth without closure, I finally gave up. Under the exact same circumstances your organization was able to successfully close the loan in approximately 6 weeks. What a delight!!”
– Seth from St. Louis, Missouri

“I can not thank you enough for not giving up on us. You really went above and beyond for us. I can not repay you for the amount of stress you took off my shoulders.”
– Sherry from St. Louis, Missouri

“I have just had the pleasure of closing a re-finance loan with your company. I contacted Mr. James Hawkins and he assisted me through the entire process. I feel that you should know that Mr. James Hawkins is a major asset to your company. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable and helpful, but most importantly he seems to care about me as a person. I felt as if he went out of his way to insure that Golden Oak Lending could improve my personal financial situation. This is something that I see very rarely in the business world today when I seek any kind of service. I was very impressed with the way in which he handled his duties. I have already referred one person to Golden Oak Lending for another loan and I will refer anyone else in the future that I know is seeking a loan or financial assistance to your organization. All because of the impression that James made upon me as a customer. With people like James working for you, I know your company can only continue to grow and prosper.”
– John from Union, Missouri

“My wife and I once again want to tell you “Thank You” for the great service. The phone call I made to Golden Oak a month ago was a breath of fresh air. Your understanding and knowledge of what needed to be done will put us back on firm ground. I will let all my friends and associates know about “Mike Wheeler” at Golden Oak.”
– Larry from St. Louis, Missouri