Home Refinancing

FHA, 15-year fixed, 10% equity on approved credit

Reasons Homeowners Get a Cash-Out Refinance
October 30, 2017

Home sale prices are on the rise. In fact, since 2011, some home prices have risen as much as 40 percent, making home ownership an appealing proposition. One major advantage to owning a home is the ability to accumulate equity. Once you’ve accrued a substantial amount of equity, you can enjoy the benefits of a … Continue reading “Reasons Homeowners Get a Cash-Out Refinance”

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Why Should I Refinance to Shorten My Terms?
October 23, 2017

By shortening the term of your mortgage, you may save thousands in interest over the life of the loan. Homeowners are currently enjoying a steady climb in home values. If interest rates are relatively low, the increased value of your home might make it well worth your while to refinance.

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Refinancing Your Home for Home Improvements
September 12, 2017

Are you considering a home improvement project this fall but can’t do so without straining the family budget? Have you considered other ways to accomplish your goal?  

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How do I know when to refinance my loan?
July 20, 2017

A drop in rates is the typical green light for homeowners when it comes to home refinancing. But did you know you can still improve your financial situation when rates are rising? You’ll enjoy a number of benefits from refinancing, including:

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3 Ways to take advantage of low rates in early 2017
January 30, 2017

As you prepare for the Federal Reserve to increase rates in the years to come, you may want to leverage the existing low interest rates while they last and take advantage of this unique opportunity.   1.    It’s time to act and leverage existing low interest rates    Consider your long-term goals. For example, are you … Continue reading “3 Ways to take advantage of low rates in early 2017”

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